Vasiliki Kosma - Chemist, MSc, PhD

Vasiliki Kosma

Chemist, MSc, PhD

After wandering around, finally I found my Ithaca…
But as long as I am not Odysseus, maybe I won’t stop here…

Location Ithaca, NY
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Professional Experience

Cornell University • Ithaca, New York, USA Jan. 2015 - Present
Post Doc Associate, Dep. of Materials Science & Engineering, Prof. Giannelis lab
University of Calabria • Rende, Italy Nov. 2013 - Dec. 2014
Post Doc Associate Dept. of Chemistry & Chemical Technology, Dr. Nicotera lab
Private schools • Ioannina, Greece 2004-2012
Teaching of Chemistry and Physics at High school level in private schools.
The last 6 years was Co-owner of a small private school.
University of Ioannina • Ioannina, Greece Apr. 2003 - Aug. 2012
Graduate Assistant, Dep. of Materials Science & Engineering, Prof. Beltsios lab


University of Ioannina, Materials Science & Engineering • Ioannina, Greece Feb. 2010
PhD in Polymer Science (porous membranes & fibers)
University of Ioannina, Materials Science & Engineering • Ioannina, Greece Apr. 2008
MSc in Chemistry and Technology of Materials (bioceramics)
University of Ioannina, Chemistry • Ioannina, Greece Apr. 2003
B.Sc. in Chemistry (organic chemistry)


  • Greek (native)
  • English (very good)
  • German (good)
  • Swedish (good)
  • Italian (elementary)
  • Braille
  • Greek Sign language

Research Interests

  • Preparation of porous/compact polymeric membranes and fibers mainly for gas separations and fuel cell technologies
  • Synthesis of ‘hybrid’ nanoparticles used for applications in photolithography and study of the mechanism of patterning of thin photoresist films under different wavelengths of UV exposure
  • Synthesis and modification of fillers (mesoporous zirconia, bioceramics, carbon materials) via solution and sol-gel processing for polymer/particle composites
  • Modification of bitumen properties with polymers and nanoparticles for pavement applications

Technical Skills

  • Viscoelastic properties: DMA, Rheometer and Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation Monitoring (QCM-D) for thin metal oxide films
  • Tribology testing
  • Thermal Analysis: DTA/DSC/TGA
  • Microscopies: SEM/EDS and Fluorescence microscopy
  • Spectroscopies: NMR (relaxation times, self-diffusion coefficients), FTIR, GC-MC, DLS, UV-Vis but also X-Ray Diffraction technique
  • Preparation of composites using extruder, hot press and basic mechanical testing (tension, 3-point bending)
  • Clean room technologies for photolithography applications (ABM-aligner, DUV stepper)
  • Conductivity measurements by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
  • Origin, Image J, MS-Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Photoshop